10 Elegant Furniture Sets Designs To Fall In Love With

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Furniture is the most quintessential part of any home – you may not notice when it is there, but you definitely feel the lack of it. It not only defines the aura of any home, but it reflects the personality of the people occupying a certain space – their habits, their character, their daily customs, their conventions, and definitely their style. The placement of any and all furniture types, define a routine – a regime that further redefines the a typical formula, the habitats have adapted for life. It is, therefore, the model around which our lives are based. The following article would feature 10 elegant furniture set designs that you might just fall in love with.

 1. Country

Country style appeals to the rustic vintage sensibilities – of rough textures that are warm in nature, combined with a splash of cool that counters, and contrasts – balancing out the color scheme. In the style of furniture design, country style offers rough, wooden finish, which gives off a rugged appeal, combined with design elements that are quite elementary in nature. In this specific furniture set, you might notice the unique collocation of the simplistic finish with the cross element design. The four posts of the bed adds to the agrarian touch, while the overall contemporary styling makes it look modern.

 Country Style Furniture Sets


2. European Classic

European sense in style has always been reflecting a nostalgia, and most of the designs take their root from Rococo, or English Vintage. This bedroom furniture set is a mixture of the two – adapting to the light overture, and stylistic contrast of playful Rococo, and adding to the mix, a touch of vintage that walks a tight line between vintage and prerevolutionary. The touch of deco is what gives the real sense of elegance to this furniture set, though – the white of the paint, overcoming the bold, rich tones of the overall surroundings. This furniture set would set off a dignified, graceful tone, in any home that it is set within.

 Classical European Furniture Sets


3. Extravagant

Extravagant doesn’t always have to be over the top – it can be simple in its context, but well-established within its surroundings. This next furniture set is just the right amount of fashionably improvident, yet, at the same time, elegant and chic, in its simplicity. The laudable use of leather adds an exorbitant touch to the entire mix, and combined with the classic ‘ionic’ curvature of the headboards, the entire furniture set comes alive in a lavish sort of vogue. The accompanying chairs, which are completely different in texture, add much needed contrast, but do not sway away from the actual aura of elegantly, chic, and tasteful.

 Extravagant Furniture Sets


4. Indie

Looking for something different, but don’t know what? Well, this indie furniture set is something you would just fall in love with. An elegant combination of modish, smart, and fashionable, it sets itself distinctly apart in design. The light curvature of the headboard, combining into the side tables might not be a tried and true concept, yet, but this avant garde overture definitely works with this furniture set. The slinky leather finish adds a classy, swanky touch, and the use of wood for the table adds a much needed contrast. Overall, it is a discerning style, and would be appreciated by the general community.

 Elegant Indie Furniture Sets


5. Industrial

Anything Industrial and/or rustic implies deliberate disgruntlement – a firm juxtaposition of stance and circumstance that implies the baring of materials – exposed brick, pipes, warehouse features, structural expressionism, steel – and combines it with warm tones – wood, vinyl, stone, concrete; all brown and greys and varying in between. So, completely on point. This furniture set is featuring a rustic, wooden finish, combined with metal. Added to that, the earthy texture of the bedding and the overall environ of the setting, this furniture set exudes an elegance that you just wouldn’t be able to resist.

 Rustic Industrail Furniture Sets


6. Moderately unwinding

The living room is essentially the heart of any home – it is where the family gathers to spend some quality time together, and occasionally, where you entertain guests. So it is only plausible that the furniture set in your living room be adequately suited for those tastes. This furniture set combines relaxing and entertainment all in one. With its lean design and sensible color scheme, it is posh, elegant, and comfortable – perfect for any family gathering or otherwise.

 Moderately Unwinding Furniture Sets


7. Going Compact

If you’re looking to go stylishly thrifty, then this is the perfect design outlook for you. Combining all the elements of a furniture set – bed, cabinet, drawer chest, and side table – this furniture set manages to combine all of them into one mutant of a design. Not only does it come in the category of smart furniture design, but it also optimizes the space – giving maximum output in a minimum amount of space – perfect for homes that cannot afford king sized bedrooms and overly large living area. This compact sweetheart is the kind of furniture set anyone would fall in love with.

 Stylish Compact Furniture Sets


8. Stylishly Retro

Understated and funky at the same time, in the product design world, are difficult to find. So this subtle, evocative furniture set is something one of a kind, and something you would definitely fall in love with. A perfect amalgamation of austere, sleek, and modern, it takes the best parts of a retro style and consolidates it with the overall design scheme. The period painting behind, the splash of lime green, the slight curvature on the headboard and legs, and the silver trimming around the dresser all add to the nostalgic feel of the furniture set.

 Stylish Retro Furniture Sets


9. Going Small

Most of our spaces are designed in the small style of design – and this picture perfect furniture set would just add to the ambience. A perfect consolidation of black, white, and modern, it doesn’t take away the sense of placement from the room, but only adds to its small style charm. The stripped headboard of the bed is stylistic, the white drawer chest is classically modern, and the black sofa set is contemporary in nature – making a model concoction of all the best parts of the design scheme.

 Small Style Furniture Sets


10. Victorian English

With a touch of renaissance, and an understated opulence, this is an exemplary furniture set – exuding elegance with its silvery, grey color scheme and lightly ornate curvature. Though the set might be too ostentatious, but given the right placement and lots of light, it can be set in any setting and made ideal.

Victorian English Furniture Sets




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