10 Cool And Must See Modern King Size Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Modernism was a rebel movement by architects who wanted to escape from the ornamentation of the art and architecture of the previous centuries. In that, there a few defining characteristics of these products; they are simple in design and stature, try hard to showcase the originality of their material, have clean cut, and edgy lines, and are defined by their almost standard, revolutionary nature. But over the years, with the passage of time, there have been a few changes in its concept – modernism has now merged with the contemporary, which means that modern contemporary may have its roots in the original concepts of modernism, but there is an added bonus in each design that defines the tastes and sensibilities of the contemporary era. When it comes to furniture, modern contemporary still retains its simplicity and elegance, but with an added element of a bold, curved line, or an odd juxtaposition of simple yet ornate. This article would feature some must see modern king size bedroom furniture ideas, and elaborate on their design.

1. Modern King Size Bedroom Furniture Ideas

This modern king size bedroom furniture set is daring and sure in its design – with a sensible use of a silvery color scheme, it adds elegance and character to the design, while the unified simplicity of each element declare it modern all the way to its roots. The sleek curve of the side is a contemporary element, and combined with the rest of its features, which are straight, and edgy, this furniture set is refreshingly newfangled. There is a certain elegance in its solitary stance, and given correct placement, it can be used as a freestanding product, or a feature of any bedroom that it is set in.


2. Achromatic Theme Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Modernism is big on functionality before form, and so when function takes precedence over the overall, final outlook, then the design is certainly modern. This king size bedroom furniture set combines these two ideologies by providing dual function of a lean to couch, and a bed, all in one. The achromatic theme of the material only adds to its charm and elegance, but what sets it apart from most designs is the couch style barriers on the front and back. Not only do they add character to the overall form of the bed, but also act as makeshift barriers to keep one from falling down. The accompanying furniture is just as elegant and chic as the rest of the design.


3. Rustic Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Rustic, vintage, and shabby chic are a thematic part of the contemporary sensibilities, and combining it with the modern outlook gives a refreshing end product that might be agrarian, or country in its finish – while retaining the simple trendiness of the modern style. This king size bedroom is the embodiment of vintage modern – with its distressed wood finish, focus on baring the originality of the material it is actually made with, and a simple sort of elegance exuding from the design. The overall form appears to be sophisticated, stylish, and attractive.


4. Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Another example of shabby chic – but this one leans slightly towards the industrial style of modernism. Its simplicity is completely elementary in outlook, and the functionality is totally standard. With minimum input, it exudes a maximum appeal, which is one of the foremost principles of modernism. This king size bedroom set is free of all pretenses, and has no accompanying furniture – daringly agrarian in its conceptualization of the modern phenomenon, it is brimming with elegance, composure, a bold stance, and a refreshingly understated look, even for the modern style.


5. Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Ideas

This king size bedroom furniture set meets the contemporary sensibilities to a T. The adventurous application of crushed velvet to the headboard is valiantly contemporary, while the simplicity of the overall design is undoubtedly modern. The curved lines of the product shape, and the classic outlook of the accompanying furniture only adds to its contemporary touch, but the overall sleek outlook is modern in entirety.


6. Simple & Elegance Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Minimalism is one fine branch of modernism – it abides by all the rules of the modern design principles – simplicity, elegance, minimal use of ornamentation – while at the same time, adding a bit of contemporary in the most subtle of ways – a curve here, a bold use of color somewhere else. So this king size bedroom set is completely comfortable under its modern label, with a touch of minimalism. The elementary style of its design is elegantly appealing, and the originality of the material is completely modern. Add to that, the clean, straight lines, and the splash of burgundy, and the entire set is intrepidly modern.

Modern Double King Size Bedroom

7. Minimalist Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Another dauntless example of minimalist and modern, this king size bedroom furniture set differs in outlook, but is similar in concept. It adds a bit of a panache to the overall design by use of a modern finish. Low in height, and high on sophistication, this design is discerning in its refined modishness. The tasteful use of white and black is graceful and stylish setting this furniture set apart with a dignified grace that could only have been achieved by the clean lines of the modernism style.


8. Canopy Style Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Ever envisioned a canopy bed in the modern style? Well, just take of the frills, tamp down on the ornate, and change the material, and you’ve got yourself a winner. This king size bedroom set is designed in the canopy style, a la modernism, and the simple elegance and billowy simplicity should not have worked, but it does – making it look graceful, smart, and distinct.


9. Retro Style Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Another example of modern vintage, this bedroom furniture set plays off its retro by a classic agrarian look, and a set up that might be used for entertaining, as well as sleeping. The combination of agrarian with simplicity is such that, that the overall appeal of this furniture set leans more towards country, than prime sophistication, which makes it a prime modern contemporary classification.


10. Modern Bedroom Furniture Ideas

This modern bedroom furniture set might look a bit frilly, but has its roots firmly planted in the art deco movement, which was an offshoot of the contemporary modern of that however bold in its curvature it may seem, but each line is clear, straightforward, elegant, and neatly defined – giving it a graceful and stylish outlook.



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