10 Pink Bedroom Furniture Sets For Girls

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Having a room decorated in all pink is a rite of passage for every teen girl – it is a color that defines the taste, and the ideal color palate of very teenage girl in the world. But it is not only limited to that stripling age. Women from all over the world have embraced the empowering reaches of this color, and applied it to not only their code of dress, but also their styles of home – especially furniture. Therefore, pink furniture, especially bedroom sets, have been a manufacturers dream for quite a while – for it is the universal language of a female, and sometimes, male. In this article, we could feature 10 pink, stylish, and chic bedroom furniture sets, and determine their design capabilities.

  1. This bedroom set may appear ordinary when it comes to product design, but the material application and use of the color pink, in such bold formation is what sets it apart in terms of layout. The use of the color white, with an audacious hot pink, might not sound very intelligent on paper, but when it comes to application, totally works. This pink bedroom furniture set is idyllic for a teenage girl’s sensibility – simple and complicated all at once.

Mayfair-Pink-Bedroom- Sets

  1. A princess cut, classic style – would have been garish, but is actually delightfully contemporary in nature. This design definitely forgoes the ostentatious element, curbing it by intelligent use of modern material, which tamps down the frilly floridness of the actuality of this style. Instead, it is simply elegant and chic, and even the use of such a bold, shocking pink, makes a fashionable contrast with the use of white. An added gratuity for this design is the element of the butterfly knobs for the side tables and drawer chest – adding a much needed vogue to the elementary nature to their design.


  1. A little daring, and whole lot sure, this pink bedroom furniture set knows what it wants to represent, and goes boldly after. Now, it may walk a faithful path a la the pink, but it curbs the classic adolescence vibe by a smart use of style, and color sensibility. The flowery, gold trimming on the edges adds an aura of regal adultness that is so refreshingly enterprising with its consolidation with the color pink. The black of the headboard only adds to the charm, making the pink stand out, and become an actual highlight of the entire piece.


  1. Another princess cut, but this time, in a completely classic style. The headboard is a crown cut piece done lined with pink velvet, and adds an ornate sort of regality to the entire bedroom set. If the design of the bed is just a tad bit overstated, then it is completely balanced out by the simplicity of the accompanying furniture. Not only is it elementary in design, it helps balance out the ostentatious profligacy of the bed itself. The use of baby pink and its merging with an even lighter shade adds an authenticity to nature of the color pink itself.


  1. This bedroom furniture set is more playful than somber. Whimsical and sprightly, it sets itself apart from the rest by its simple coltishness. The backdrop of purple only enhances the bubblegum pink of the design scheme, and its combination with white is a little frisky but, not at all audacious. In fact, it adds an element of much needed contrast of a third color, which is distinctly apart in hue and saturation. But the white of the accompanying furniture does not take away from the jocularity of the design as a whole.


  1. Simple, and elegant; this bedroom furniture set is a standard modern cum contemporary style. Its simplicity adds to its appeal, and the clean, edgy lines only enhance the character of the design. The pink and white combination is the perfect amalgamation of a color scheme, and the straightforward leanness of the design actually exudes a subtle sort of whimsy. The desk is also done in smooth, uncomplicated lines, and a lucid sense of design is what makes it stand apart. In its entirety, this furniture set is elegant, chic, and fashionable.


  1. Polka dots are a vintage favorite, and combine them with the color pink, you’ve got yourself an impish, jolly look. This style of furniture is completely different, in the best sort of way, as it combines a retro scheme with a modish sensibility. The design itself is classic – frilly, white, and completely coltish – an overall jolly scheme that adds integrity and character to the playfulness of the layout. The accompanying furniture is contrasting in color, adding that dated vibe to the entire setting with the use of vintage styling combined with black and white tones.


  1. If the color pink, could go industrial, than it would look something like this. On the surface, it is completely standard, and even juvenile, but combined with the ambience and the setting, it this pink furniture set becomes jolly, adventurous and stylistic. The smooth plains of the bed are in complete contrast with the edgy lines of the accompanying furniture, but do not resent each other design wise – instead, each line highlights the next, until the entire setting of the bedroom is complementing the overall scheme of the design. Done entirely in shades of pink, this set does not feature any accompanying color, but still manages to make the design stand out.


  1. Classy and chic, this pink bedroom furniture set is sleek, swanky, and in the image of modern contemporary. It derives most of its style from the bold use of white, against a lesser counterpart of hot pink, so in the sense of design, it is a couple set.


  1. Since pink is an all-time favorite of little girls, it is only right to feature one set that would make the perfect princess bed for any little girl. In terms of design, it is juvenile, but considering the demographic, it is the perfect mixture of elegant chic, stylish, and playful – while still retaining character.



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