Cool Ways To Decorate Girls’ Bedroom Furniture

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Decorating a part of your bedroom means adding a bit of yourself into the place you live – each item becomes a personalized possession with an individuality that is filled to the brim with a nostalgia. Not only does it feature a part of you in the place that you live, it defines your style, reflects your personality, and showcase the kind of person that you are. In a bedroom – especially a girls bedroom – it is a primal reflection of the personality and character of the individual that is actually inhabiting the place. The wall showcases your memories, and the placement defines your personality; in that, it is a universal concept. So here, in this article, we would like to feature some ideas to decorate a girl’s bedroom, furniture and all.

1. Avoid clutter and add style

Clutter can be used as a design element, but only if you’re going for a vintage retro theme. If you’re not, it just showcases how disorganized of a person you are. So the best option here, would be to highlight your furniture through the placement in the room – if it is too close, then it becomes suffocating, but if placed artfully around the periphery, then it could feature the concept of the room, without taking from your personal ideology – which, you can refine by adding a personal touch to the main feature of the room – the bed. Put a collage of stickers, or hang a personalized accessory, and you’ve got yourself a sweet deal.


2. Use photo frames

Photo frames – and not only of the family photo galleria variety – are an essential part of any homeowner décor dictionary guide. Have a photo that you like? Put it up behind a frame and hang it on the wall. Did an artwork worthy of a highlight? Put it in a frame and hang it as a feature for the world to see. It is a good way to decorate your home, and add a unique perspective to your room with minimum effort. You can either hang these on the walls, or put them up on top of your desk as a personalized accessory, or make a cluster and put it on to of the drawer chest to give off a personal vibe.


3. Scribble it out

Ever had that moment where you’ve been so inspired by a saying – a quote – which you want to tuck it inside your heart and never let it go; tell it to the world and make everyone believe in it. Well now you can do all that and more by scribbling it out on your bedroom wall – not only would it be in your sight all the time, it would add a customized allocation to your surroundings, and be a great way to style your bedroom wall.


4. Light it up

Fairy lights are a styling option that never goes old, and no matter how old you are, or where you go, would always be in vogue. They are not only a good option for a party decoration, but also a fashionable trend to decorate your bedroom furniture. Weaving a string of fairy lights around your bed would add a flair of elegance and sophistication to the overall design scheme of the room, and add a touch of vintage panache that would characterize your room graceful and urbane.


5. Bring out the artist

Even if you’re not the best with water colors or pastels or any of the artistic musts, then photography is a kind of art that every millennial and more, now connects to, as an essential. You can showcase the best of your works as a bedroom feature, and make them a highlight of your room. You can combine artistic styling of the furniture and showcasing of your work all in one, by taking the best of your furniture – be it the chest, the bed, or the tables – and put your work to be featured on it. This way, you can personalize both the furniture and your work.


6. Feature the Fave

There are small knick knacks and objects that are an essential highlight of every girl’s bedroom, but are never truly featured in their entirety. A better way to showcase your favorite trinkets would be to feature them in an individual style cabinet – this way, you can add a cute furniture piece to your bedroom collection and add a customized collocation to the mixture. It would look both graceful, adroit, and stylish, all in one.


7. DramaRama

Any room can thrive and come alive with the drama of style – and one simple way to achieve that dramatic sweet spot would be to add a mosquito net, or a sheer canopy to your bed, or a cozy nook. It would add a touch of intimacy, while the beauty and grace of such a stylistic opportunity might turn out to be discerning, as well as decorous. It would also make for a nifty little relaxing spot to read your book with a warm cup of coffee.


8. Customize

Now, is the era of DIY techniques that have made life easier. You can always style your bedroom furniture by honing out your favorite technique and applying it to your furniture to add a touch of personal. A great example of this is described in the picture below, where the door has been envisioned as a separate entity and designed with a touch of personal abstraction.


9. Into the Compact

If you want to design your bedroom in volume, rather than spread, than going compact is a neat option. You can amalgamate all the furniture and style it in verticality to achieve the aura and concept of height. Not only would it add a discerning touch to your style of furniture, but it would also need customized demarcation for the furniture.


10. A little something different

Want to add an element to your room that is unique in concept but easy in execution? Well, look no more. You can always make a beanie, makeshift swing that could act as a personalized nook for relaxing, reading, or even just sitting down for a minute to think.




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