Elegant Ways To Decorate King Sized Bed With Photo Frames

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A king sized bed is a large affair – with its enormous size and sizeable physique, it is a difficult piece of furniture to design an interior around. Due to the enormity of its stature, it takes a prodigious amount of space in any given context, and it becomes a daunting task for anything to be complementary to its eminence. Keeping that in mind, there is one solution to this design complication; and that is, the use of photo frames. Photo frames are a unique design element that add aura, enigma, and individuality to any interior space. It adds mood, and showcases beautiful works of art, as well as cherished memories, that come to define the character of any space. In this article, we would look at ten elegant ways, in which photo frames can define the outlook of a king sized bed.

  1. If you want to add an aura of artistic elegance, and imaginative chic to a room with a king sized bed, then you might want to choose one, single photo that appeals to your taste – and make sure it goes with the theme that you want to incorporate in your room. Given that the scheme of your concept is modern in style, and therefore a simple sort of elementary in nature, you can showcase that single photo or artwork in a huge frame and hang it above the headboard of your king sized bed. It would look neat, graceful, and alluring.


  1. If you’re going for an understated sort of contemporary look, then the mood you’re going for is a little bit somber than playful. You can take an even set of photo frames and hang it over your bed, so they look neatly assembled, as well as decorative, and go in tandem with the theme. Since the aura is minimal, try and use frames that are simple, yet elegant in style, and go with the overall color scheme of your king size bed. The ultimate effect would be subtly stylish and tasteful.


  1. You can achieve a modern country look, by using a plethora of frames in sizes big and small. Not only would it highlight, the enormity of your king size bed, but would also set the scale, against which, the pictures or the artwork, could be displayed. You can alternate between a line of bigger frames with smaller ones, so it may form a pattern that would look unique, chic, and stylish. The overall result would be original and imaginative. The play of the bigger on smaller frames would work in an expressive aesthetic that would make the eye move.


  1. Symmetry is one of the most overused trope in the design genre, but if used in a single minded sort of intensity, it could make the overall result boring. But if used in combination with rhythm and harmony, it can be elegant and sophisticated in its simple appeal. Using these concepts in the formation of the photo frames to style your king size bed could be an interesting follow up. Finding symmetry in asymmetry, use different sizes of photo frames, and arrange them according to harmony and symmetry on one half of the top of the king size bed. It would look charming, unique, and alluring.


  1. Going for a retro look may be difficult, for you would have to match the entire theme of your king size bed, with the kind of picture that you want to display, to take away the barrenness of the design. The coverlet and the pillows would have to go in tandem with the theme, for this style to work. If they are in bright, popping colors, then you can choose the picture or the painting that you want to showcase in that similar scheme, and have it framed in a large mounting fixture that would go smack, in the middle of the wall above your king size bed.


  1. If you’re going for a uniform, proportionate outlook, that would highlight the frame of your king size bed, then, what you would have to do is select a plethora of frames, that are longer in length than in breadth, and measure them out according to the length of the headboard, so that you may be able to mount them up in conformity. Line them up in a linear fashion, end to end, and just to give it a finish, add a frame each to either of the two side tables. It would give off an attractive, stylish vibe.


  1. If your taste runs the gamut of a rustic, vintage, country style, and you want to the way of asymmetry, then it would be recommended that you get a plethora of tiny frames and weave them in with a bundle of fairy lights – it would be a charming mixture of quaint and agrarian, no boundaries, but still a sense of basic geometry that keeps the style from falling apart at the seams.


  1. An elegant way to showcase both your king size bed, and the photo frames that would highlight its appearance, would be to merge them with small cabinets on either periphery of the king size bed’s headboard – they would, of course, be simple in design and style, so as not to take away from the artistic integrity of the frames that would be hung in between.


  1. Another way to go rustic and completely agrarian would be to use the inequality of asymmetry to its fullest. Take a few frames that vary in size and form and mount them in a complete disarray above your bed. Given the right theme, this would not only look stylishly trendy, but also sophisticated and demure.


  1. If you’re going for a timeless classic look, then choose a set of frames that are varying in size and formation – square, rectangular, round – and place them in a uniquely haphazard pattern on the wall atop your king size bed. It would give off a rustic vibe that is both country, and contemporary in nature.




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