10 Kinds Of Glass Cabinet Doors You Would Love To Have In Your Kitchen

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After the advent of Industrial Revolution, newer, more versatile materials have been steadily adapting, and finding uses in the market. Even though glass is an old invention, it has seen much evolution throughout the ages – stained in Gothic, plain in Renaissance – but more typologies of glass have been adapted since the industrial revolution, than could be listed down on a single piece of paper. From frosted, to rain, to block, and more, it has adapted from decorative to purpose built use.

The kitchen cabinet is also a steadily adapted and evolved endeavor; it has come a long way from the past, and many styles have been allocated with the steady ongoing static movement of the design timeline. Now glass kitchen cabinets may not be the newest trick in the book, but it is definitely a tried, tested, and approved one. In this article, we would discuss 10 kinds of glass cabinet doors that one could have in their kitchen.

  1. This rain glass cabinet door is stylish and modern, without all of the accompanying austerity. Despite its new age sensibilities, it retains an old, classic charm that makes it a perfect candidate for any kitchen cabinet door. The design takes on both tallness, and breadth as a design element, and the frame for the rain glass in done in a classic Americana fashion that achieves a chic, stylish look. The inside lighting not only highlights the crockery that is being stored, but also makes this cabinet into a sow case for cutlery and utensils.

Rain Glass Cabinet Door

  1. This sleek, modern design goes for a minimalistic look, and excels in the austerity – but is not severe in overall outlook. The steel trimming around the frosted glass cabinet doors is voguish and forward, using one of the basic design principal of modernism – to showcase all used material without pretenses. The combination of steel, glass, and an achromatic theme of white makes for a cool combination, and the design conceptualization is primly attained.

Modernism Cabinet Door

  1. If you want a classically vintage look for your cabinet door design, then this is the perfect design for you. Combining the stylistic scheme of carving into plain glass, this style of a cabinet door achieves a vintage look that is both beautiful, and alluring. The frame is deco is style, and the overall outlook is charming, with a touch of arresting. Each shelf inside, showcases an important piece of crockery – setting it apart, while storing it in a safe place, and the carving on the glass creates an element of mystery in the design.

Classic Vintage Cabinet Door

  1. Modern, and stylistic in design, this cabinet door design is made from a combination of wood, laminate, and frosted glass. But breaking tradition from the horizontal spread of the design, it focusses more on the element of verticality, and that, in essence, is what sets it apart from most. This kind of a cabinet could be used both for showcasing and highlighting in the most subtle of ways. Since the glass is frosted, you can only see a vague silhouette of the crockery and utensils stored within, but at the same time, you can see that there is something in there. So it can be used as a design element, or the articulation of the design of the frosted glass concept.

Stylish Modern Cabinet Door

  1. This glass cabinet door is unique in design and functionality, and that is what sets it apart from the standard open-close system of a usual kitchen cabinet. In this design, the cabinet door slides either up, or down, like a siding window. Inside, are glass shelves that hold, and showcase the best of your Another unique element of this cabinet’s design is the inbuilt lighting, which, combined with the frosted glass, gives off a Gaussian blur effect for the entire cabinet. Overall, this design is sleek, alluring, and chic in style.

Glass Cabinet Door

  1. If you want to combine modern with vintage, all you have to do is create an interesting marriage of materials, and apply an appropriate color scheme. This cabinet design is a combination of both – in that the material is modern, but the scheme and a part of design is distinctly vintage. The cabinet has incorporated the sliding door design, which is modern, but the white trim around the edges, gives off a rustic appeal. Aside from that, the open shelving at the bottom is modern, and minimalistic, yet the showcasing of material has a country appeal, and combined with the green color scheme of the cabinets, the design is a neat combo of modern and rustic.

Vintage Cabinet Door

  1. Classy with a touch of antique, and modern, this design could be the perfect highlight of your kitchen. The white color scheme is what makes it a class act, while giving it a modern cum classic appeal. The glass cabinet door for this one are standard, but work so well in a unique capacity with the overall style. The use of brick layout between the counters add a panache to the design, and makes it seem Arcadian, while the rest of the design concept completely contradicts that notion.

Classic Antique Cabinet Door

  1. If you want to go for true rustic, then this is the perfect option for you. Rustic is achieved by the use of antique, combined with an offshoot of a powdery, pastel color scheme that matches the walls, in a colloquial way. In this design, the powder blue of the cabinets is charmingly appealing, and the glass cabinet doors with similar framing add an alluringly charming look.

Rustic Cabinet Door

  1. A perfect blend of modern design principles, this glass cabinet is minimalist in design, showcasing its new age material, and options for a boxy physique. Not only does it perfectly showcase all that is stored in there, but makes for an enchanting element of its own, when it comes to kitchen design.

Modern Glass Cabinet

  1. This design is handsome in its overall outlook, and the use of edgy material, and bold lighting only plays on the overall drama of the color scheme. The black glass on the cabinet doors is uniquely different from all the major design outlets, and sets this cabinetry apart.

Black Glass Cabinet Door


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