10 Budget Friendly Kitchen Cabinets Prices With Lovely Design

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Cabinets make about seventy percent of your kitchen construction budget, as they are largely spanning the breadth of your space, and one of the most defining character of your design criteria about what that space should be like. Therefore, most kitchen cabinetry is high in cost, and if you’re aiming for high quality wood as a construction material, then cab be one of the most costly, and expensive endeavor of that you might encounter during the calculation of your overall budget. So, it is hard for many people, to actually afford all that expense, and in relative experience, and to make the market user friendly, cost effective, and budget friendly cabinets have been popping up all over the place. In this article, we would discuss 10 budget friendly kitchen cabinets, with lovely designs.

  1. If a high quality wood is too expensive for you, and you have trouble doling out the budget for one, then it is completely fine – you can always use a material that is lower is cost – particle board, or chip board – and use laminate veneer, or paint over the surface. It would give the aura of wood, without compromising your ideal conceptualization, and maintain an affordable, budget friendly expense. Adding a coat of veneer over the paint, would give it a glossy touch, and make it seem exactly like the best wooden replica. This way, you can achieve the look that you might want, while having liberty to micro manage your budget, where the cabinetry is concerned.


  1. If you’re going for something lighter, and brighter, than deco style paint, over a cheaper material would be the best way to go. It would cut off your budget, while giving you the best of your design, in both quality, and outlook. An advantage of using lighter paint, is that it would make an overly small space, or even a medium one, look just a little bit larger than it actually is. That illusion can be a handy design concept, and combined with lighting fixtures, it can give off a chic, elegant, aura, that would make your kitchen, the highlight of your house. All in all, it is a classy idea, and would definitely adhere to your budget.


  1. If you’re going for a sleek, modern contemporary look, and do not have a budget for stainless steel, or granite, then a good option, would be to have the initial sketch of your cabinetry, as definitive minimal – in that, it will have a modern outlook. Similar to previous cases, you may use a cheaper material for the build that would just be as steady as wood. Then, to add a contemporary flair, you can use lamination. Lamination is quite an underrated, and understated phenomenon, but the results are quite phenomenal. You can use lamination of your favorite color, and achieve cost effectiveness, all in one.


  1. If you want a little diversity in your kitchen material, and do not have the budget for expensive ones, then you can use several techniques to achieve the optimum outlook. You can combine the use of chalk paint, over particle, or chip board, and cut some expenses from there. And on the other hand, for your island – if you want one – you can use laminate, or corian, instead of actual granite, or even marble. If you cut some budget from there, then you are completely set. The overall outlook for this sort of design can be amazingly chic, and elegant.


  1. Another case of cheap material and designated paint, this kitchen design is more on the small side, but the overall design is so minimalist, yet still classic, that it gives off a sophisticated vibe. The use of tiled bricking is an effective element, that takes away some of the sleek, and adds a much needed vibe of simply Arcadian, without going too much in the agrarian side. Overall, this is an affordable design, and when it comes to a complete design outlook, it is not only elegant, but also pretty stylish.


  1. This kitchen uses the theme of white, and the strategic use of light, to give off an expensive vibe, but in the end, it is a subtle, yet clever amalgamation of all this affordable, into one creative package. The cabinets are painted chipboard, and the white paint gives off a chic aura. The backsplash of rough cladding beneath, and above the countertops, is actually textured tile, which, in its rough finish, completely contradicts the refined austerity of the cabinetry. The countertops are fashionable, and modish, topped with corian, which is definitely cheaper than marble, or granite.


  1. If you want the wooden finish, just without the paint, then there is an even easier way to do that – and that is through lamination. There are so many new construction, and interior designing materials out there in the market, and the options are limitless. For wood laminate, there are several texture of wood that you can choose from, and the end result would be cheaper, more refined that what can be achieved by paint.


  1. The cheapest style of cabinetry in the market right now, is the open style of cabinets. They’re not only stylish, and fashionable, but will also motivate the user to keep a spick and span kitchen, for there would be no way to hide away the clutter. Aside from that, they could drastically reduce the cost, and lower your budget.


  1. This is a fun design for kitchen cabinet, which not only showcases the best of your kitchen crockery and utensils but also adds a unique, playful touch to the entirety of the design. The material would be cheap, and the alternating pattern of cabinets makes sure, that it is used in moderation.


  1. If you’re looking for something more conservative, than this pantry style kitchen cabinet could be your thing. It is larger, would be cheaper to build, and could be customized according to the wish of the client while using lesser material.



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