10 Fabulous Design Of Kitchen Cabinets

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Like any other room inside your home, the kitchen is just as likely to be allocated a widely renowned aesthetic that appeals to the user, as any other room. Just because it is more functional than most spaces, does not make it any less likely for a spit away design – in fact it just solidifies the fact that the most functional space in the house, must be the most efficient; there would be a lot of people working there, and having to work in a completely drab environment is a big no. so, the kitchen needs to be just as fabulous in aesthetics, as the rest of your home. Now, the most integral part of any kitchen design is the cabinetry, and to achieve optimum allure, it has to be well crafted in design. In this article, we would discuss 10 fabulous design of kitchen cabinetry.

1. Kitchen High Ceiling Cabinet Design

Standard law of kitchen cabinetry dictates that there would be a horizontal spread below the counter, as well as above the counter – but that law is not a complete must. It was just created to optimize space to its fullest, because in a kitchen, you can use as much storage as you possibly can. But, if your space is large enough, then you can optimize in a completely different way. This cabinet design only spans the below of the counter, and looks extremely liberating in design. There is so much room for other things – the windows, the ceiling, and the structure – which not only maximizes the output, but also make sure that the cabinets remain an integral part of the design.


2. Kitchen Island Cabinet Design

Another case of below the counter cabinetry, this one sets itself apart by its bright, eggshell color scheme, and the corner cabinets that make for an interesting formation. These corner cabinets are taller than the standard design, which entails that they have room for more storage. Their cornice like design is completely enchanting, in a sophisticated sort of way. They not only accommodate the pitch of the roof, but also add to the decorous, artistic element of the design, which makes this one stand out the most.


3. Marble Kitchen Cabinet Design

Whoever says that the kitchen is a completely functional space, is totally out of their depth. In most cases, it is also a place where we spend most of our time, congregate with our family, and sometimes our friends – so to add a distinguished touch to the kitchen is only a given. This style of cabinetry does just that – adds a bit of panache to the boring design, by creating a juxtaposition of color and style, which adds a unique, fashionable touch. The use of marble between the dark paint is dramatic, and the open cabinet running above is completely decorous as compared to the stylish, yet functional cabinets, running below.


4. Classic Kitchen Cabinet Design

This one is a bit of a classic, in that it is built on the concept of a show case. The pediment is completely decorous, while the collocation between the solidity of wood, and the semi-transparency of glass, creates for a dramatic mixture of various design elements. One of the most unique thing about this design is that it consolidates a classical style of architecture, with a rustic choice of material, and on paper, it would look completely ridiculous, but in actuality, it gives off a distinguished, artistic effect, which sets this cabinet style apart.


5. Vintage Kitchen Cabinet Design

This is a relatively simple design – in that it uses a vintage technique of using an old style, and a unique color, which sets it apart. The cabinets give off an aura of independent shoe cases, which have been spruced up, and mounted onto the wall. This aura is certainly artistic, and even country in style, but definitely not agrarian. In fact, the use of white as a backdrop ensures that it looks neat and modern, against the gray-ish green tones of the cabinetry. Overall, it gives off a sophisticated, and elegant vibe.


6. Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

A much more modern take on fabulous cabinetry, this style is simple, elementary, and completely standard in outlook, but the result is so graceful, and urbane, that it completely works in the simplistic nature of the design. There is no single distinguished design element that is setting itself apart, but there is also a unique juxtaposition of color schemes that are setting each element apart, no matter how simple – wood, lamination, tile. Each texture is creating an aura of differentiation, and together, as a whole, it is polished, contemporary design.


7. Vintage Wood Kitchen Cabinet Design

This design works the more vintage cum rustic angle – in that the bright color scheme, the bucolic nature of the cabinet design, and the agrestic take on the decorative supplements add an aura of holistic integrity to the design. The most discerning feature of the cabinetry is its bright, popping color, and add to that, the texture of wood, it becomes an artless, yet unassuming part of the design concept. The contrast with white as a color scheme is a clever decision, as it adds a much needed relief from the popping of the cherry red of the wood.


8. White Kitchen Cabinet Design

If you’re looking for a clean, sophisticated design, than this is the perfect choice for you. The basic concept of this cabinet style is more show case, than storing, but it can be perfectly complementary for a dry kitchen – one used for show, rather than functionality. It is not only elegant, but also austerely chic.


9. Industrial Kitchen Cabinet Design

This one is smart, and works on the concept of industrial design – with open pipe, and the charmingly agrarian chandelier that acts as a centerpiece. The color black sets it apart, which is a rarity in kitchen cabinets, and therefore this unique allocation, makes it a fabulous choice for your kitchen.


10. Library Style Kitchen Cabinet Design

Ever wanted a library ladder inside your kitchen? Well this design certainly features one. A little bold in concept, it urges the user to think if the design might get in the way of functionality, but this kind of cabinetry would be completely feasible for a dry kitchen – which is almost always used for entertaining and showcasing.



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