10 Beautiful Black Kitchen Cabinets

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Black is one of the most suave hues in the color palate – not only is it stark in intensity, but it also carries the ability to highlight any material, or object that it is applied upon. Bold in constitution, and alluring in application, it is one of the foremost hues to be used in the product, and furniture design industry. The most creative application for this color has been retrofitted in the modern era of the design timeline, where monochromatic color schemes were the epitome of chic. Even today, the use of black on any product, in any ambience, can enhance the elegance of a space, while creating a sophisticated aura for the user. Now, in the designing of kitchen cabinets, the use of a proper color scheme is definitely recommended, as it defines the overall outlook of your kitchen space – and black cabinets, rare as they might be, have a certain boldness to their façade that lends a powerful, charismatic aura to any kitchen design. In this article, we would be discussing 10 black kitchen cabinets that are beautiful, and exquisite in design.

1.  This kitchen design is an interesting amalgamation of various textures, and an achromatic color scheme that doesn’t work in tandem with the modernism philosophy – no sleek surfaces, and cutting edge look. Instead this design leans more towards the vintage side, with the layered brick composition in white, but at the same times, retains an aura of modern, by incorporating elements such as the stainless steel stove in the mix. The cabinets are a bold, lacquered, black, and clearly the highlight of the entire kitchen area. Not only does the bold choice in color make for a distinguished look, but also make the cabinets the most eye-catching feature in the entire kitchen.


2. If you want to use the color black, but in moderation, than this would be the perfect design for you – for in this layout, the base cabinets, which are basically, the lower periphery when it comes to the art of eyeballing, and therefore, act as a foreground for the top cabinet design. If the base cabinets in black are the solid periphery, then the top cabinets, in this case are the eye catchers, with their classic cabinet style, and use of simple, blockade lattice in the classic style. The use of transparency via glass is an important element, as the see through layout of each cabinet balances out the overbearing nature of the solid black hue.


3. A classically modern achromatic scheme, this design of black kitchen cabinets are sumptuous, without being overstated, and opulent. In fact, there is a classic simplicity in the design of each of these cabinets, that, as w hole, comes together to give the best results – making the overall outlook, that of a clean, understated sophistication. In this case, the dark of the cabinets, is balanced out by the textured grey and white surface of the island countertop, which is large enough in size to make up for the overwhelming black of the kitchen cabinets. In addition, the use of the ‘fanlight’ window on top of each cabinet is a nice touch, and the splash of gold backlighting is both stylish, and decorous.


4. Merging simplicity with effectiveness, this design is both classic, and grand in its constitution. The setting of white and black, though routine, and therefore understated, has such an elegant and sophisticated touch in this particular design, that it has taken a life of its own. There is something extremely lovely about openness of the window set right in the middle of the cabinets, and it is only enhanced by the simple pendulum chandelier hanging over the sink set. The dark black of the cabinetry is highlighted by the unlikely source of light from the window, and makes this cabinet set look especially beautiful.


5. Another simple, inventive and deft design that makes the elementary nature of the design an element of the conceptualization. The down light chandeliers hanging on top of the island make for an interesting feature in this one – their completely composite style is the opposite of the neat, plainness of the cabinet surface itself, so the contrast is actually showcasing this clever juxtaposition and highlighting both the chandeliers, and the cabinets in the best way. Aside from that, the clever contrast of the white marble, and leather, with the dark espresso of the wood is an effective strategy.


6. Completely minimalistic in nature, this black cabinet design is effortless in its tasteful grace, and straightforward, modest design. The clean, straight lines, the bold hue of black, and the shiny gloss of the matt material all come together to make this design especially discerning and distinguished. The plain finish of the cabinet is only highlighted by the texture of the backsplash and the countertop.


7. An effortless amalgamation of rustic and vintage, this design is slightly Arcadian in outlook. The distressed wood surface of the cabinets give the aura of shabby chic, and the amalgamation of some sleek modern surfaces in the mix, is an interesting collocation with the aura of the design itself.


8. The black of the cabinets in this case is adding a contemporary feel to the entire design – not only are the straight lines of the backdrop making for a sophisticated, tasteful intervention, but giving this design the ultimate moderation of indie chic, and the feel of a swanky, modern café.


9. This design just goes to show that the black cabinet system can work in both, open and closed capacity. The matt finish to each of the open cabinet adds elegance and an urbane suave, that is only highlighted by the show casing of the glass crockery that is put on top of the counters. Aside from that, the plain white backdrop serves to add a simplistic contrast to the overall design scheme.


10. A tasteful consolidation of contemporary – minimalistic and classic, both in one. The black cabinetry works from top to bottom, and the use of natural light from the skylight and the white of the ceiling make this design a conceptual success – polished, cultured, and urbane.





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