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A girl’s bedroom is a sacred space – a place where they convene, have conversations, live, laugh, and cry. It is place where they spend the most private moments of their lives, and therefore it is a place that is customized to the essence of their being – each and every object in that room would have a history, a story, and a future. And each object would be a counterpart to an accompanying memory that would define who they are. Similar is the case with girl’s bedroom furniture; like every object, every piece of furniture in a girls bedroom would be a sacred object; one that had been carefully selected to converge into the ambiance of the room. So in this article, we would be discussing some beautiful bedroom sets for girls.

1. Effective pragmatism

For a girl with ambition – one who likes to keep her life goals in sight, as prized possessions in their own right, this bedroom furniture is the perfect counterpart. Its setting entails that it the owner is not only driven, but completely organized, and meticulous in all their endeavors. This bedroom furniture set derives its elegance from its playful color scheme – red and white have always been fun counterparts, but the aura of sleek sophistication provided by the use of modern materials only adds panache to the entire setting. The desk is high, and the bed is low, and the playful collocation of colors is completely alluring.


2. The Indie

Girls are connoisseurs of holding on to things, and buying new ones. As far as room paraphernalia is concerned, they like purchasing small, delicate items that would complement their color scheme and overall ambiance. Now, most of these items end up having no place to be show cased, and that is how this bedroom furniture set holds itself apart. The bed itself is unique, with several holding places, disguised as open compartments for easy access and careful, deliberate, and beautifully disguised storage areas. There are no side tables – instead, the open cabinetry is the perfect fit for storage baskets, and the white color scheme adds elegance, and sophistication.


3. Stately and Regal

Donning on the regal, this purple bedroom furniture set is more suave than classic. Most of its charm comes from a clever amalgamation of the color scheme of the furniture with the ambiance of the room, and together they produce results that are immaculately graceful. The sleek head board of the bed is aligned with the volumetric sitting nook, and the accompanying study beneath, and adds to the discerning aura of the bedroom set.



4. Going Hipster

This one is a little something on the down low – as in there is no fussy ostentatiousness about the design, no cutting edge lines, and no color scheme to be appropriately. Instead, this furniture set leans more towards the hipster sensibilities, with its downy comforter, and hidden base. It is quite Arcadian in its appeal, without being agrarian. In fact, the standard functionality of this furniture set works best, because it is simple, and effective – clear cut in what it is offering, and could be customized to an individual style.

5. A little something Modish

This one plays on the dignified look – with its small headboard in classy white, which gives the illusion of tallness by factoring in the carefully placed fairy lights in the ‘green room’ fashion. Together, these two elements make for an interesting amalgamation of beauty, and grace. The shelving units make for clever stylistic opportunities that could be cultivated according to the needs of the user – could be used for open storage of stationary, and other paraphernalia, or could be used for showcasing prized possessions, awards, trophies, trinkets and baubles. Classic-White-Bedroom-Furniture-Set

6. Tricksy

This bedroom furniture set is a playful consolidation of simple, effortless, and urbane, at the same time. The white of the furniture sets off the entire mood for the setting, and the ambiance. Not only is it polished, in a subtle, sleek sort of way, it also amalgamates functionality with its aesthetics. The bed is set up to the very edge of the room, to accommodate the rest of the furniture set, and this setting only highlights the storage compartments in its base – which could be used for beautiful and useful purposes.


7. Classy with a chance

Classic in style, but modern in appeal, this bedroom furniture set combines beauty and grace, along with a timeless tradition. The curved headboard resembles an arch, but the collocation with the material adds a much needed contrast, which also helps to set this furniture set apart. The height of the mattress also adds a design element, without which, the bed would have looked incomplete. But it is the color scheme, which actually makes for an interesting feature, is what adds an allure to the actual design of this set.


8. Going Up

Combining straight lines, and functionality, this bedroom set works in volume – which adds a certain character to its overall appeal. The major distinguished outlook of this design comes from the clever amalgamation of pragmatism with a suave color scheme. The contrast between the dark purple, white, and pink, make for an interesting design scheme, and the shelving units on the very periphery are a simple, but elegant touch, that take away much of the solidity of this design.


9. The Baby Doll

Aside from the design itself, it is the baby pink color scheme that is the major appeal for the design of this furniture set. There is something so effortlessly regal, yet playful about the simple effusiveness of the design, and the color scheme. The bed itself is rather alluring, with its sleigh cut head board, and minimalistic approach with the foot board, and the white of the drawer chest is a refined accompanying piece to the entire setting.

10. Come New Age

This one is rather distinguished, in that, it makes use of a navy blue color scheme, which is a universally symbolic color for teenage boys. But despite being a little bold in its statement, it is nevertheless, an exquisite design. The bed, in and off itself, is quite simple, and the use of the shelving unit is decorous, and pragmatic at the same time.



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