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Mahogany is one of the most expensive wood in the product and furniture design industry, and therefore, when used in the construction of any product, tends to be quite steep where price is concerned. But the overall outlook of a mahogany product is ornate and sophisticated, the brown, a rich, earthy cadence, which resonates well with an appropriately accommodating surrounding. Mahogany, in its essence gives off a refined feel for any product, and exudes the aura of a lavish accoutrement to a perfectly humble abode. Now, mahogany is most extensively used in certain products, than others; for example, a grand mahogany door has become a literary cliché, but used in a discerning and distinctive styling of bedroom furniture design, it can be quite alluring. So, in this article, we would discuss some mahogany bedroom furniture design, that are exquisite in their allure.

1. The Classic

This mahogany furniture set tends to lean more towards classical than ornate – the deep crevices of the entablature make for a fine trimming on the bed, and the posts on the sides are distinctively neo classical, maintaining a Doric column façade, so iconic of the classical Greek era. The rich tones of the mahogany itself define the character of the bed, and lend it a credible sort of integrity that helps carry out such a refined style of design. The carvings resemble the frieze and the use of white sheets over the mattress makes for a fine collocation of material, and texture.


2. The Ornate

Quite vintage in design, the poster bed is an evergreen classic, and timeless in its beauty. This specific poster bed is a fine specimen of mahogany, the spindles of each poster making for a lean, refined sort of product that is graceful, and stylish. This sort of design could be used in a modern setting, also, given the right accompanying aura of the interior décor. The carving on each poster of the bed is charmingly exquisite, and the color of mahogany enhances that dashing, artistic feat. The side table, in comparison, is slightly simplistic in nature, and makes for a nice contrast against the ornate of the bed.


3. Plain Sailing

Effortless in its beauty and grace, this mahogany furniture set is a rather straightforward design – and that elementary appeal is what sets it apart in an otherwise deft environ. The neat finish on the mahogany is quite solid, and gives off the aura of an elegantly wainscoted wall. Though the design is simple, yet it is also quite effective. The solid physique of the bed is opulent, and sumptuous, without being overly ornate, ostentatious, or florid. It is smart, fashionable and stylish, instead. The side table is not quite as boxy in stature as the bed itself, but its spindliest is a welcome contrast to the solidness of the bed.


4. Fustian

A Versailles French bed in mahogany, this one is quite ornate in its appeal. The flowing carving all over the cranium and the footboard are quite elaborate without being fussy – decorous without being ostentatious, and baroque without being overbearing. The best part about this bedroom set is its unique stature – the headboard is large, without being overly solid, and the finials make for an interesting character, that just add to its tieless grace. All in all, this bed would make for a good companion piece in a large room.


5. Sweet Altercations

Slightly contemporary in design, this bed works in the limits of its avant garde – it is uncanny, without being overly ambitious about it, so the end result is quite appealing. The rise and fall of the attaché design feature on the bed make for an alluring sight, which work like charm on the rich mahogany surface of the bed. This alteration is a clever conceptualization of a static feature – the user’s eye constantly moves with the altercating visual of the design features, setting this mahogany bedroom set apart.


6. Canopy with a charm

Another four poster bed in the canopy style, this bedroom set derives its charm and character from the contrast between the material and texture of the canopy against the four posters of the bed. Though the setting of that sheet is quite organic in nature, it makes for an interesting stylistic opportunity against the elaborate carving on the four posters that it is set against – each one ends in a sharp finial, which makes even more interesting when the cloth is hung at the very top, while highlighting the ornateness of the bed.


7. Going Victorian

This Victorian masterpiece is a work of art – elaborate, and ostentatious at the same time without being an overbearing mess, which makes some of the products of this era quite torpid. Instead, the focus on the carvings makes for an interesting design element as far as ornateness is concerned. The rich tones of the wood are what makes this bedroom set a delight – showcasing its grandiose without being pretentious.


8. Old and New

Usually, products designed in the fashion of modernism, use materials that are composite in nature, but this bedroom set is simply minimalistic, and embraces the idea of amalgamating old materials with new outlooks. The mahogany base is solid, and boxy, reveling in its effortless simplicity, while the headboard is a plain affair. Together, they make for an alluring bedroom set.


9. The country charm

If you want a little something agrarian, then this might be the perfect choice for you. Though there is nothing ornate about this bedroom set, it is also not overly simple. The lines of the headboard add an enchanting mixture of class and sophistication, and the rich, honeyed tones of the mahogany only add to its elegance.


10. High-flown

A solid mahogany, with a matching veneer panel, this contemporary mahogany masterpiece resembles a Santa’s sleigh, and exudes excellent craftsmanship. It could be used for both classic, and modern spaces, and would shine as a masterpiece in any situation. The sleek finish is what enhances the char of its design, and the slight curving edges, add a flamboyant touch.




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