Best Oak Bedroom Furniture

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Oak is one of the most widely used material in the construction and design industry. It is a type of hardwood, and therefore, quite expensive – there are more than 60 species of Oak found all over the world, and are divided into two varieties accordingly – white, and red Oak. Both are used in construction, but vary in aesthetics. It is heavy, strong, and light in color, and therefore, gives off a light, airy feel when constructed with. Oak has been used over the centuries to create masterful furniture that is artful in its ornateness, and now, in modern times, creative in its simplicity. In this article, we would discuss some of the best bedroom furniture designs, featuring Oak, as a construction material.

1. Simple with Charm

Elegant, and high-flown, this oak bedroom furniture set is quite effortless in its simplicity, yet it is far from being the Zen style of Minimalistic – in that, the subtle carving, combined with the lightness of the wood, makes for a sophisticated feature, that set this bedroom furniture set apart. The light curve at the top of the head, and foot boards, combined with the otherwise straight lines of the rest of its design, enhance the elementary allure of this design. The bland spots retain their integrity by highlighting the textured rings of the Oak finish. The side tables, and the drawer chest are the perfect accoutrements to the solid stature of the bed, and are just as simple in nature.


2. The Age of New

This one leans a bit towards the contemporary – in that it combines the straight edged simplicity of the modern style, with a light playfulness and intricacy of the contemporary. The overall mood that this bedroom furniture set, sets is breezy, and exuberant, without losing its natural gracefulness. The latticework at the top of the headboard is one of the defining features of this bedroom set – in that it is intricate, and meticulous, without being overly ornate. In fact, it is quite coltish in its simplistic aesthetic, and contrasts well with the otherwise solid constitution of the rest of the bed.


3. Artfully Sportive

Spindly and minimal, this bedroom set is elegant and graceful, without being too kittenish – the contrast of solid stature, and steep lines is completely ideal, and optimizes the overall look of the entire furniture set in the best possible way. The touch of contemporary, highlighted in every steep line of its design, enhance its tasteful beauty, and deem it appropriately stylish for a modern setting, without being too frivolous about it. The alternating latticework of the headboard creates an intricate, meticulous look, which is enhanced by the added element of height, which gives this bed a sophisticated physique.


4. Sophistication at its best

This minimalistic bedroom furniture set is solemn in its grace – in that, there is nothing even remotely playful about its design. The deliberate use of straight lines, and boxy physique is the highlight of this design, and if you’re looking for something elementary, yet still stylish, than this design would be the perfect option for you. There is no contrast between the light and dark of this scheme; just an ample amount of white, against the lighter finish of the Oak, that is surprisingly complementary of the design itself.


5. Effortlessly Stylish

Another simplistic feature, this bedroom furniture set is stylish, as well as swanky – taking its root in contemporary art, and combining the unique juxtaposition of solid and void spaces in the concept of its design. The major highlight of this design is the subtle, grainy texture that is ingrained in the finish of the wood – it makes for an interesting feature, which would not be easily seen by the naked eye, but would definitely contribute to the overall outlook of the design. Aside from that, the clean lines, and pragmatic functionality gives this design the right to be an optimized feature of any room.


6. A taste of Contemporary

There is something so arch, and flirtatious about the simplicity of this oak bedroom furniture set. The sleek simplicity would have characterized this bedroom set as minimalistic, but the playful collocation of open and solid spaces takes away that brand. In the end, this design is quite contemporary, and the light finish of the oak wood, combined with the plethora of back lighting from the French windows behind, make this bedroom set seem stylish, and graceful, while adding elegance, and sophistication to the mix.


7. Flippantly Functional

This Oak bedroom furniture is quite uncanny, in that it is a dual purpose set, which is pragmatic, functional, as well as rich in aesthetics. It combines all the elements of a functional bedroom set design – storage in side tables, the waste of space within the underbelly of the bed – and align all these altercations to create a design that is not only workable, but also quite alluring. The storage compartments, the wide spread mattress, and the side bars of the bed, all combine in a unique amalgamation of all things spirited and functional.


8. An Effortless Grace

Decidedly minimalistic in concept, this oak bedroom set is distinguished in the best possible way by its clean lines, breezy aura, and regal stature. The blocky physique of the overall design – side tables, and drawer chest combines – make for an alluring contrast against the austere setting of the room that this furniture set inhabits. The light finish of the oak wood also enhances its beauty and grace.


9. Coquettish

This oak bedroom set in unique, because it combines its natural aesthetics with that of modern material. The blue lamination, not only gives it a modern feel, but also adds an impish aura, that takes away the solemnity of the plainness of the oak wood alone. The bold contrast of navy, with the pastel brown of the wood, is uniquely contradictory, but surprisingly complementary.


10. An Ode to the Old

Oak used to be the most popular wood, used to craft American and English Country designs. It was also used for Gothic, and William & Mary productions. Ostentatious and ornate were the keystones of those designs, and this bedroom furniture set is nothing, if not florid. The carving is intricate, and meticulous, and adds an aura of elaborate florid into the mix, without providing any aesthetical recriminations to the design concept.




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