Children’s Bedroom Furniture Set

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In this day and age, where each and everything, no matter how menial, is stereotyped to bits, it is becoming increasingly hard to find products that break tradition, that defy convention, and revel in their neutral constitution. Furniture for children has been especially stereotyped – pink for little girls, and blue for little boys. It is an unorthodox assumption that confines ones sensibilities in a box, and crosses out all design opportunities that the child themselves might have articulated, and interpreted inside the space they would call their own. So, in this article, we would discuss some children’s bedroom furniture sets that are stylish, but do not impede on the design sensibilities, and break stereotypes.

1. The Understated Spare

Spanning a story and a half, this design plays on volume, and gives off a sense of adventure. The furniture set in and off itself is quite simplistic – in fact, it is classic in its unadorned, and unembellished beauty, taking the most elementary of forms, and combining it with the ambiance, and design conceptualization, that works on the molding of three dimensional space, and resulting in the creation of a space that is harmonic, and alluring in its simplicity. The color scheme of white, only reinforces the concept of a blank canvas, which would enable the child to mold this space in their own right.

Childrens Bunk Beds


2. Set it Up

This one is a little playful, using its unique style to build up an aura of chic sophistication. Also rather simple in nature, this one makes use of dual purpose furniture, an almost minimalistic constitution, and an aura that is attained by clever manipulation of the environ in the favor of collocating the ambiance against the simplicity of the furniture. The white of the finish, adds elegance to the already unembellished simplicity of the furniture style, and when you see the contrast of the trinkets and baubles against the starkness of the finish, it creates an interesting combination.

Childrens Single Beds


3. Smooth Sailing

This charming little room is the perfect dichotomy of male and female – neutral in its disparity of white and red, it stands out by the use of sheets, toys, activities, and the use of light, against the starkness of the finishing of actual furniture. This room just goes to show that space can be molded according to the sensibilities of the person, and that varying aesthetics can be applied to a single entity – or a set of furniture, in this case, to get the best possible results. The bed combines the function of sleeping, and storage, which go hand in hand where children are concerned.



4. Parallel Deception

A rather smart style of designing products for a children’s bedroom, this one combines dual functionality, and pragmatism, with fine taste in aesthetics, and an alive, contrasting color scheme. The alternating, yet parallel position of the bedding creates an interesting pattern, which, with the help of the color scheme and design characteristics, move with the eye of the user. The addition of a bookshelf inside the bed adds a clever feature of literary aesthetic, which seamlessly converges with the build of the reading nook.

Toddler Bedroom Furniture


5. Sail it Away

Taking adventure as a theme, this children’s bedroom furniture sense plays on the distinct want of daring escapades that are so very discerning a quality found in every child. The headboard depicts the sails of a ship, while the base makes for a flat hull, and together, the aesthetic is so convincing, they make for a spirited an exuberant design that any child – be it a girl, or a boy, would fall in love with. The ‘hull’ also makes for a clever storage space, with ornate hinges and an elaborate, yet undemanding design scheme.

Adventure Concept Bedroom Sets


6. Under the Sea

Playing on the theme of ocean, this children’s bedroom furniture set is one of a kind – adding both; the vague quality of suspension in water, as well as the aura of walking on the ocean floor, and combining it into one, playful theme set. The furniture set is not large in quantity, but its aesthetic quality demands a careful deliberation that would attract both children, as well as adults to this thematic experience of three dimensional space.

Ocean Theme Bedroom Sets


7. Play and Full

A coltish combination of two of the brightest colors in the color palate – orange, and lime green – this is one of the livelier sets of bedroom furniture that could be set up in a child’s bedroom. The clear contrast in the thematic scheme, and its spirited execution in terms of design, make this a rather alluring design. Add to that, the dual functionality, and the clever position and amalgamation of each item, and you’re got yourself a winner.

Playfull Bedroom Furniture Sets


8. The Agrarian

This children’s bedroom furniture set is rustic, and vintage in appeal, and the use of wood in all its country, textured glory only adds character to the mix. This furniture set, in retrospect might be too solemn, but combined with the right ambiance, and an appropriate accompanying sheet, this could become a kittenish interpretation of an age old castle of any child’s dream. The amalgamation of each product into one single design scheme is an impressive feat, and would seem pragmatic in its dichotomy.

Childrens Bedding Sets


9. Camp it Out

Another children’s bedroom furniture set, designed on the themes of thrill, adventure, and daring escapades – this one embraces the concept of camping in the woods, or hiking up a trail. The articulation of this concept into the design scheme is masterful, and the green of the color palate adds an aura of foliage, that is a simple, but accomplished accompaniment to the entire scheme. Add to that, the tent like canopy, and the slide on the bed, and you’ve got yourself quite a winner.

Playroom Bedroom Furniture


10. Fit for a Performance

Another dual purpose pragmatic design that works on the concept of both functionality and aesthetic, while integrating in its design, a solid, sophisticated color scheme that is beautiful in its contrast, and converges well with the ambiance, and atmosphere. Quite voluminous in style, yet contracted in sprawl, this furniture set leaves a lot of room for other activities all around the room.

Childrens Bedroom Storage




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