10 Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinets

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Over the years, glass as a material for design and construction, has taken a leap to the top in the design industry. Not only has it become a staple in modern construction ways, newer and better versions of it have been identifying in the market for close to a century now. While it used to be brittle, and easily breakable in the past, glass has become resilient, strong, and an able material, which not only acts as a functional piece of any construction site, but also, an element of aesthetics and beauty. Frosted glass is a unique product that has been taking over the construction industry for a while. For kitchen cabinets, it can be a smart choice of material, as it is not only different in look, but also adds a refreshing element of semi transparency, which is not exactly common. In this article, we would be discussing 10 frosted glass kitchen cabinets that are unique in design and aesthetics.

1. This frosted glass kitchen cabinet is beautiful, alluring, and exquisite. In terms of design, it is quite different, as it makes use of a bold color, and expertly amalgamates it with an antique aesthetic, while using modern materials. The frosted glass in this case is exquisitely carved, and easily available in the market. The plain red of the trimming is not only chic, but also distinguished, and the carved knob at the bottom is the cherry on top. Together, all these elements combine to form a sophisticated outlook that is appealing in all aesthetics and sensibilities.

Carved Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinets

2. Uniquely modern and contemporary, this beautiful kitchen cabinet set is semi closed, and semitransparent via frosted glass. Over all, it is a sleek look, which is enhanced by the clever use of material; the mosaic backsplash, though similar in color, varies in texture, and thus, adds a fearless proclivity to the entire design. The frosted glass cabinets with their stainless steel trimming and a distinctive design, exuding class and sophistication. The design makes it so that they are easy accessible, and could be opened with little to no problem. It is a cabinet set proficient in both aesthetics and functionality.

Modern Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet

3. Combining wood with glass is a time honored tradition – but combining wood, with frosted glass is avante garde, as the complete collocation of warm and light colors make for an interesting feature, which might not work on paper. In this case, the brown of the wood, is balanced out by the milky sheen of the frosted glass cabinets. The cabinet itself is a single entity with no separate units pretending to be a façade. The sliding doors of the cabinets, and the hidden shelves behind are an exclusive design feature.

Avante Garde Kitchen Cabinets

4. More of a pantry, than an actual cabinet, this design emulates a showcase, or a door – with the traditionally conventional façade, only tampered by the use of a modern material; frosted glass. Overall, this style might be old school, but the uncanny juxtaposition of material, and styling, in this case, make it work. Inside, the shelving is quite apart from the door, but the lighting plays an integral part in the design scheme of this specific design. From behind the semitransparent outlook of the glass, it would seem like an opulent backsplash – showcasing a backlit backdrop to the otherwise dark trimming of the door, which would be a welcome contrast.

Traditionally Conventional Kitchen Cabinets

5. Not exactly traditional, but there is something very classic about this style – maybe it is the use of white, or maybe it is the trimming that imitates the entablature of the classical times. The frosted glass, in this case, makes for a beautiful feature, against the gentle curving design elements of the cabinet façade, and the backlighting adds an element of sophisticated chic, to the entire ensemble. Overall, it is a beautiful design, and finds its allure, by combining a plethora of neo-classical elements with a touch of the contemporary.

Classic White Kitchen Cabinets

6. This one is seemingly industrial – with the use of an understated color scheme, and a material palate that is completely contrasting in texture and outlook. Aside from that, the design is very quirky, and idiosyncratic, in that, it combines the genre tropes of open and closed cabinetry, with an added bonus of transparency, and not only manages to make it work, but also make it an aesthetic and functional success. The crevices between each frosted glass door act as holding places, which are easily accessible, and seem charmingly organic behind the material of glass.

Industrial Glass Kitchen Cabinets

7. Another similar, but this time, there is no deliberate hankering of the cabinet doors – instead there is a specific fulfillment of the design criteria, by adding an element of consistency. The alternating position of the shelves in the open part of the cabinet is an alluring bit of manipulation, which not only highlights the collocation of materials, and textures, but adds a discrepancy, that articulates this specific style in the most industrial of aesthetics.

Open Shelving Kitchen Cabinets

8. Old is gold, in this charming, simplistic, and standard cabinet design, whose only visual discrepancy from the conventional, and the traditional, is the use of frosted glass. Built on the classic style of quintessential Americana, this design is a time honored vintage, which has been used in the showcase design booklet for over a century now. The frosted glass adds a visual barrier between the observer and all that is stored within, making for a pragmatic feature.

Classic Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinets

9. This cabinet style is quite organic in the use of material, and modern contemporary where it comes to design. Mostly constructed from wood, the overall color scheme is warm, and so the contrast of frosted glass on the very top is a welcome contrast, and the backlighting of dim gold, balances out the collocation of materials.

Contemporary Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets

10. The distressed outlook of the wood is one of the most defining features of this cabinet style, and combined with the use of frosted glass, the contrast in design is a complete contradiction through the use of materials. The style of this cabinet set is quite conventional, and the dark of the wood, quite alluring against the blue aura of the glass.

Conventional Wood Kitchen Cabinets



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